This resource is only possible if awesome people (like you) create and upload video content for Catholic youth minister to use in their ministry.

The goal of this project is to provide youth ministers across the country (and around the world) access to free teaching content for them to use during their virtual youth ministry gatherings this Fall. The hope is to take the stress of planning content off of their plate so they can focus on building relationships with young people and serving their families.

There’s a LOT of information in this email because I was trying to answer all of your questions before you asked them. But if you still have questions, please email us back.

How will this work?

Creators (that’s you) will submit video content. We’ll add it to our new site, and users will be able to search and find content to download and use during their virtual gatherings.

Video requirements?

We’re not looking for studio quality production (though if you can pull that off, please do!). We’re looking for video that is well lit with great audio. Your video should be unbranded content – no onscreen logos, no pitching for people to go your website or follow you on social media, and no selling of any kind.


What kind of content?

You get to pick the topic. We want you to teach about something that you are passionate about sharing with young people.

What’s the format?

  • Short – Keep it short (3-5 minutes). Content over 5 minutes will not be published. If you’ve really got 10 to 15 minutes of stuff to say on one topic, break it down into 3 stand alone videos.
  • Casual – We’re not looking for formal education. Present like you talking to 10 teenagers hanging out on couches.
  • Engaging – Everyone is tired of video calls, so you’ve got to keep the pace up and be passionate about what you’re teaching.
  • Focused – Don’t try to do an exhaustive study. Focus in on one key point you want the students to take away from your talk.
  • Be You – The best part of this project is it’s getting young people exposed to a large variety of presenters with different styles, different backgrounds, and different perspectives.

What’s the timeline?

Here’s a quick look at our current tentative timeline:

  • Tuesday, August 18th – Submission Portal Opens.
    Starting on Tuesday, you’ll be able to submit your video content. A link for this portal will be sent out on Tuesday.
  • Friday, August 28th – Submissions Due for Round 1.
    The first set of content is due. This is the content that will be available to users when the site launches. Being part of this first group will get your content more exposure as we expect our highest traffic on the first couple of days.
  • Tuesday, September 1st – Site Launch.
    We’ll officially launch the site with all of the content submitted in Round 1.
  • Thursday, September 3rd – Submissions Due for Round 2.
    Content for the second release date is due.
  • Tuesday, September 8th – Second Set of Content is Published.
    All of the content submitted for Round 2 will be published and email will be sent out to all users letting them know new content has been added to the site.
  • Thursday, September 10th – Submissions Due for Round 3.
    Content for the third release date is due.
  • Tuesday, September 15th – Third Set of Content is Published.
    All of the content submitted for Round 3 will be published and email will be sent out to all users letting them know new content has been added to the site.
  • After September 15th – Open Submissions.
    Though there are no more official content rounds, creators will still be able to submit content to be added to the site.

Ready to sign up?

Awesome! We are so excited to have you on board as a creator. To get your account setup and start uploading videos, click the button below.